Picked up a copy of the book last night. I don’t read too many of these books, but after hearing Lowell’s interview on WEEI yesterday, it sounded like a must-read.

Due to prior reading commitments – Bootypalooza and True Stories of the Pesky Pole, by the Women Who Knew it Best – I haven’t actually begun Deep Drive, but I did sneak a peek at the foreword by Mr. Beckett.

I know when I won the award (World Series MVP) back in ’03, there were plenty of guys in the clubhouse who had no idea who won the MVP of the series. A lot of times, you are simply too giddy to be worrying about such things. But I will guarantee you that knowing Mike had won this honor meant something special to the guys on our team. I know it did for me. Maybe better than anybody else in the dugout that night, I understood what Mike had gone through to get to that moment. And for me, that’s what truly made the sight of him clutching the trophy, with that enormous smile, so special.

Now, I don’t believe for a minute that Beckett uttered the word “giddy” without the word
“f*%king” before it, but it’s a very nice intro to the book. He ends it with the following:

It has been an honor to know Mike, a man whose journey should be an inspiration to us all.

On that note, it’s game time…