What did you think the first “controversy” would be at Red Sox training camp? Manny showing up late? Schilling passing around a petition to allow George W to run for a third term? Julian Tavarez urinating behind the mound during a game? All good guesses. I certainly wouldn’t have expected it to be Jonathan Papelbon bitching about his salary.

From Boston.com:

“It’s a tough situation for me right now,” Papelbon said. “I feel like with me being at the top of my position, I feel like that (salary) standard needs to be set and I’m the one to set that standard and I don’t think that the Red Sox are really necessarily seeing eye to eye with me on that subject right now.”

Not seeing eye to eye? I didn’t think the guy even knew he got paid for doing what he does. He seems like he just wants to kick ass and throw back a few beers after the games. Not to mention, he should have to pay a penalty to every fan that had to seem him in that lace negligee at Mike Lowell’s charity event. I understand the guy wants to be paid what he’s worth, let’s just hope it gets cleared up. Fast. Because I think I hear Scott Boras‘ footsteps.
But, hey, it could be worse.