When Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkilis, Coco Crisp, Jonathan Papelbon, Sean Casey, Kyle Snyder and Julio Lugo talk cookies, you need to be there. So for those who might have missed it, we present the annual Red Sox “Cookie Off”, as seen on WSBK’s Red Sox This Week.

Just so you know: In the interest of time, the last 50 seconds were lopped off. But Youk and Mazel Tough tied for first.

Two things that come to mind after watching this clip:

One, from certain angles, Kyle Snyder looks oddly like the guy who unleashed the virus in Twelve Monkeys.

Two, Jonathan Papelbon has officially been elevated to “Kramer” status on this team. That is, just as Kramer earned an ovation every time he busted through the door on Seinfeld, The Bot deserves a round of applause every time he merely shows his face on our televisions. That’s how much he elevates the mood.

Oh, and how happy does Sean Casey look as he gets baptized into the proceedings? I think this is gonna be a match made in heaven.