As much as I craved the start of spring training after a long, cold, baseball-less winter…I’m done with it already. I’m bored.

Beckett is running on a treadmill, Coco did some light jogging, Schilling is on the 60-day DL, Doug Mirabelli is gone, blah, blah, blah. Doug’s biggest highlight was getting dropped off at Fenway in a Statie’s car. See ya. Everyone knew that was Schilling’s fate, Beckett is gonna be fine and Coco will be wearing new laundry eventually. Not real baseball news.

Billy Crystal played for the Yankees, Ichiro got a hit, Shelley Duncan is still an A-hole…these are the headlines. And I don’t care.

I’ll get through the next couple weeks making some abysmal, uneducated picks in a March Madness Bracket. Then it’s on. For real. 2008 baseball. Finally.