I’ve never been shy about my love of Tina Cervasio, who wrestles daily with Amalie Benjamin for sole possession of my heart in cage matches held exclusively in my mind. To be honest, she had me at this line from her bio on the NESN personalities page:

Favorite Piece of clothing: This one pair of ripped Seven Jeans.

Cruelly, there’s no photo of Tina wearing said jeans anywhere on the NESN site, although from the looks of the glamour shot on her soon-to-be-remodelled homepage, we may be seeing one there. But the line just sends my mind reeling with questions: does she ever wear these jeans on-air? Where, precisely, is the rip? And was she sporting them when this bit was being filmed, as Pap’s gaze might suggest?:

Not that she doesn’t look fetching in a skirt, mind you, as this photo reveals (and as my mind seethes with jealousy), but it’s the ripped jeans I’d like to know more about. I hope and pray that this mystery will be resolved before Tina C’s departure at the end of March. And that Tom Caron doesn’t start sporting his own ripped jeans as an homage.