From Napoleon’s blog yesterday…

In two random, unrelated events, a Japanese newspaper reporter arrived late for the game because his windshield was shattered by what he said was a low-flying pelican. Then a foul ball shattered the computer screen of Joe McDonald of the Providence Journal while he was downstairs interviewing Lester.

It would have been a better story if the pelican dive-bombed CHB’s computer. But we take what we can get. Pelicans are…not small, having one of those f-ckers faceplant into your windshield must give you a nice adrenaline shot. Since it was a Japanese reporter, I know there’s a really inappropriate Pearl Harbor joke in there somewhere. But you know we only stick to the highbrow humor around here.

In Yankeeland, Post reporters are ripping Bud Selig and the Yanks for letting Billy Crystal play in a spring training game.

…the night the Yankees and commissioner Bud Selig made a farce out of the game by signing all-time foof Billy Crystal to a ludicrous one-day contract and foolishly announcing he will play in an exhibition game Thursday…

First: what’s a “foof?” Whatever. I don’t see the big deal. Billy Crystal has been a huge Yankees fan his whole life. But I ask you SG Nation: would you care if Ben Affleck played a spring training game?

Meanwhile, Coco Crisp continues to fight for the centerfield position…by not playing.

Finally back to pelicans – check out this bird-on-bird crime: