The best thing about Curt Schilling? We don’t have to rely solely on Edes or McAdam or Napoleon Shaughnessy to tell us what’s up with the guy. Because we know he’s eventually gonna tells us himself, as he does in his most recent post at 38pitches:

Please understand that a lot of what has been reported is not true. When the club feels it’s appropriate to further discuss the details of this issue publicly I will elaborate but I need to make it clear that Dr Morgan did NOT diagnose me with a tear of the rotator cuff at any time during this process, nor did he recommend rotator cuff surgery.

After being diagnosed by the Red Sox medical staff I sought a second opinion, as anyone would, and when it became clear there was disagreement (which is not uncommon by the way), I agreed to see an independent Doctor from a list the Red Sox provided me, for the third opinion.

At this time I have agreed to abide with the clubs wishes in hopes that will provide the results they believe it will.

Honestly, you think some freakin’ shoulder injury’s gonna keep Curt on ice for all of 2008? This is a guy who had his foot sewn up, then used it to kick Jeter, A-Rod and Posada in the twigs back in the 2004 ALCS, fer chrissakes. The man didn’t get where he is today without having a plan for kicking copious amounts of ass, and I’m sure he’ll find a way to make it happen, even if it’s for a late September pennant drive.

But even if the Curt Schilling 2008 So Long and Thanks for the Memories Tour is going to be cut short, the guy’s already given me one of the single greatest chills-inducing moments of my life. Which is right here (and don’t let the sight of Johnny Damon scare you off… he’s only here for the first 2 seconds):

In this house, we always bet on Curt. Yes we do.