I just had some quick words for Tina C’s former bosses at NESN, the cads who let her slip through their fingers, failing to recognize how each curve of her smile, flash of her hair and twist of her hips enlivens my day. As usual, I’ll let Chuck Heston convey them:

Okay, back to other matters at hand. Like, for instance, Andy Pettitte set to rat out his boy Clemens:

“Based on what we know, there was a situation where Andy was speaking to Roger in Brian’s presence, then Andy came over to Brian and essentially said, ’Why didn’t you tell me about this stuff?’ He referred to HGH,” Ward said. “Brian discouraged him and then several months later, when he (Pettitte) got injured, he came back and asked Brian about it, and that’s when Brian injected him. We believe that based on the fact that Andy came to Brian and asked him about HGH, it was Roger who told Andy about HGH and that’s why he asked Brian about it.”

Richard Emery, another lawyer for McNamee, said his client and Pettitte also discussed steroids use by Clemens.

“Pettitte is certainly going to tell the truth, and if he tells the truth, everything will be fine,” Emery said.

And the last word goes to Jacoby Ellsbury, who’s quite happy to not have been jettisoned to Minnesota in exchange for Johan Santana:

“I think when you have a pitcher of Johan’s caliber, pretty much every prospect is going to be mentioned in a trade at some point in the talks,” Ellsbury told MLB.com in a telephone interview. “It was pretty flattering to be even considered in the trade, but I’m happy with what happened. I’m happy to be a Red Sock. I’m happy that I wasn’t traded at his expense, and it’s nice to know where I’m going heading into the season.”

Did we mention that pitchers and catchers report in 15 days? Cause I really need a big-ass helping of that.