He’s led us to two World Championships. He’s 8-0 as a manager in the World Series. He’ll be leading the AL squad during 2008’s All Star Game at Yankee Stadium, essentially hand-delivering a crotch-kick to scores of Yanks fans. And he’s made rocking nervously during Sox games cool again.

So why, asks Tony Mazz in today’s Herald, does Teets not have a contract extension?

“We’ve made no secret that it’s a goal of ours to extend Tito’s contract this offseason,” general manager Theo Epstein said. “He’s certainly earned it and we view him as a core, long-term member of the organization. Both sides have vowed to keep negotiations confidential to increase the chances of getting a deal done.”

Before we suggest there is a problem when, in fact, there isn’t one (yet), let’s take the patient stance here for a moment. It is only January. Opening Day is still more than two months away. The contractual situation of many managers frequently is addressed during spring training, when clubs don’t have to worry about negotiations with players.

Even Francona, at least publicly, doesn’t seem concerned.

“I think both parties are really interested in getting something done,” he said. “Other than that, it’s something we wish to keep private.”

As things stand, Francona is under contract for 2008, but that’s not the point. The Sox need to address his deal now. If Francona is allowed to enter the year without an extension, the Red Sox will be undermining their own manager’s authority and setting him up to fail.

Let’s not dick around here, gentlemen: secure the Francona. The guy deserves it if for no other reason than his ability to make it through those inane Sullivan Tire commercials without turning to Mr. Sullivan and saying, “The f@#k is up with your hair, dude? Did you brush it with a pillow?”

Because I would.