As if losing an ALCS in which your team had a 3-1 edge didn’t sting enough, the Cleveland Plain Dealer lowers the full testicle stomp on its readers by running a piece that was allegedly prepared in case the Indians actually won game seven. A sample:

Try to catch your breath, Cleveland. This is rarified air.

We’ve experienced quite an ascent, after all. It seems like just yesterday the Indians entered the postseason – base camp on this improbable journey – with a Central Division title.

Then the Tribe secured a playoff toehold by stepping on the New York Yankees in the Division Series.

The Boston victory provides the boost out of the Championship Series.

Now it’s time to for the team to go even higher.

Like, say, over the Rockies.

I can honestly say that if someone at the Globe pulled this shyte after the 2003 ALCS, their offices would have been hit with an unexpected missile strike.