One hit. That’s all the Sox could muster off this guy in April. And other than a bad start against the Angels, Hernandez has been pretty friggin‘ good. Know what that means? Time to swing the big bats. And show Mr. Lugo to his new seat on the bench. No more “playing through” the slump, time to bring down the hammer in the AL East and let everyone else know they’re playing for the wild card.

I’m calling for a strong outing from Gabbard. He knows he’s got at least one more start, so there’s none of the gotta-do-well-in-the-spot-start pressure. The lefty can settle in and get to work. And you just know in the post-game interviews Tito is going to call him “Gabby” or “Gabbs” – gotta love that!

In other news, Hey Pierce, shut the f–k up!