It wouldn’t be a Julian Tavarez start without a Julian Tavarez moment. And during yesterday’s win against Texas, closing out a three-game sweep and sending us back to Fenway on a sugar high (not to mention twelve-and-a-half games above the Yanks), Jools didn’t disappoint.

Handling a Frankie Catalanotto grounder to the mound, Tavarez took the ball and rolled the goddam thing to Kevin Youk, like he was trying to ace a spare at the Milky Way Lounge in Jamaica Plain. Myself, I can’t recall ever seeing anything like it, but it just goes to further his indie cred.

I’ve got a quick vid of the rolling right here, but as it was shot during my daughter’s birthday party, you might want to keep the volume down. Needless to say, my constant shouting of, “Keep the goddam noise down, I’m trying to watch Tavarez,” didn’t push me any closer to that Father of the Year trophy I’ve been coveting.

Other highlights: That freakin’ home run by Dustin P after fowling off what seemed to be at least 57 pitches from Eric Gagne (okay, it was only twelve, but man did we hang on every one of them), that catch by Coco, and another two hits apiece from the Wonder Twins, Lowell and Youk. I’d also like to take this moment to apologize to JD Drew, whom I slagged on yesterday, only to see the guy come through in the clutch, breaking a tie and putting the Sox on top.

Tonight, Trot returns. And we’ll have more on that later.

Lastly, RIP Charles Nelson Reilly.