20 wins, 10 losses. Is there anybody out there, even the most Sox-crazed, optimistic fan that though the home team would be 20 and 10 to start the season? It is even more impressive considering our lead-off hitter has an OBP of .301, Manny is batting a measly .245 and Mikey Lowell has 8 errors (2 more than he had all of last season).

They’re doin‘ it all with pitching, and tonight’s hurler is leading the charge. Beckett takes his 6-0 record north of the border to mow down the Toronto “they’re gonna contend this year” Blue Jays. And if there’s anyone not named Tavares that’s gonna even up the score with Mr. Overbay for his cheap-ass slide into Alex Cora in the last series, my money’s on Beck.

I’m all about watching the bench-clearing brawls. So far, Bud Selig has ignored my daily letters to add a full-scale donnybrook as part of the seventh inning stretch, but I think he’ll see the light. Remember when George Bell, in full afro, tried to do some half-ballet, half martial arts kick to Bruce Kison? Wikipedia describes it as:

Bell was involved in an incident in 1985 with Red Sox pitcher Bruce
, after being hit by a pitch Kison had thrown. Bell charged the
mound, and upon approaching Kison, apparently attempted to karate-kick him
with a flying leap, and was summarily ejected from the game. Replays of this
incident are frequently included in compilations of impromptu sports fights
or bizarre baseball plays.

Mo Vaughn got him back a few years later, but I think we still owe the Canucks for that one. Seriously, the glove sandwich? Pedro rolling Zim down the mound? Brian Daubach being made Roberto Hernadez’s biatch? All classics, and I say it’s time for a new chapter. But I digress, it’s game time folks. 7-0 anyone?