Dirt Dogs and the Globe are doing a Most Beloved Red Sox Players of All Time thing, and it got me thinking… is there anyone who has been on the Red Sox for a shorter period of time yet is more beloved than Dave Roberts? If the guy was kept in Boston for the 2005 season and beyond, he’d have been living in a world of “free rounds for life.” Seriously, what kind of a man would ask Dave Roberts to pay for a pint of beer? No kind of man at all. And it wouldn’t stop there. Applause in the streets, wherever he walked. Unlimited complimentary steak-n-cheese at D’Angelos. Open invite to every sorority house bash across the city. Carte blanche to hit on any guy’s wife, mom or sister.

Sure, he wanted to be on the west coast. To play everyday. And we obliged. But as a much, much weaker man, I would have angled to stick around here for at least a year. To enjoy being the king of all I surveyed.