Labor Day. A bit of a chill in the air and finally some sunshine here in Boston. But still cloudy and rainy in the hearts of many Red Sox fans. The cold reality of a season without playoffs is getting harder and harder to avoid. The makeshift pitching staff has been as good as they can be, but with a patchwork offense swinging wet noodles instead of wooden bats, it isn’t enough to win games. So here we are.

Meanwhile the Yankees have kicked it into full playoff mode and have all but locked up the division. And the Sox go into a series with the White Sox with the game 1 matchup of Tavarez versus Garland. It makes me sad. I try to just watch for some good baseball over the next few weeks, but that little something inside me can’t stop thinking that good baseball turns into wins and wins turn into hot streaks and hot streaks get teams back in the hunt. I guess that is the part that makes me a Red Sox fan.