Two words: Big Papi

When does what this guy is doing cross into the realm of the supernatural? A rally-sparking homerun in the eighth and an opposite field single in the eleventh to win the game. Amazing. Just when it looked like Curtis F’ing Pride might become the regular season equivalent of Bucky Dent, the Sox come back and return his name to obscurity.

Ortiz had four hits and four RBI, raising his average to .285 and his RBI total to 99. I said it a month ago and I’ll say it again: Ortiz has to be the MVP this year. The team as a whole was locked in yesterday, with the exception of Coco Crisp. Youk chipped in three hits, Manny had a run-saving outfield assist, Lowell added another double, and Trot and A-Gon both had a couple of hits. The only downside is Beckett didn’t get his 14th win, going six innings and giving up three runs in the sweltering heat of Fenway.

Tonight, Schilling tries to get his 14th win, and we are subjected to the horror that is ESPN coverage of the game.