The 2006 Red Sox notched their 4th one-run victory of the young season. The winning formula? Beckett, Timlin and Papelbon. Along with Curt Schilling, these guys are on their way to something special this year. Schilling and Beckett are both 3-0. Papelbon has 6 saves in as many opportunities. Timlin has pitched 4 innings and has a Bluto Blutarsky ERA of zero point zero.

Until the early injuries heal and the big bats come to life, the Sox will need every bit of pitching they can get. The Patriot’s Day brunch game will be a call to arms. DiNardo will pitch in place of an overweight, ineffective…I mean “hurt” David Wells. He is likely to go only 80-90 pitches before the depth of the bullpen will be tested.

Trot Nixon should be back in the line-up in place of Wily Mo. Pena has struggled in right defensively. At the plate he’s been OK, but hasn’t shown his power yet. Nixon, by the way, has a career .400 average against Seattle starter Gil Meche. David Ortiz is .444 lifetime. It would be a good way to start the day by getting to Meche early and giving DiNardo and crew a lead to work with. You hearin’ that Manny? The defense has been nice, but the $160 million was for your bat!

Starting Tuesday, the D’Rays are in town. Always a good time.