Not since the FedEx guy delivered my collection of rare Jessica Alba Sin City action figures have I been this excited about a truck. But it’s true; just knowing that a caravan bound for Spring Training will be leaving Fenway Park early this afternoon has me all giddy inside. Not just because it reminds us all that the 2006 Red Sox season is imminent. What’s got me firing on all four today is the knowledge that once that Spring Training switch gets flipped, it’s suddenly all Red Sox, all the time. Hourly “Reports from the Fort” on NESN. Curt Schilling holding impromptu press conferences at local Pizza Huts and Circle Ks. The Manny watch. The first Beckett interviews. The inevitable shots of Johnny Damon playing grab-ass with A-Rod and Sheffield. The glorious return of the Rem Dawg. Hazel Mae slipping into something small and tight, coyly applying the sunscreen while handing me another mojito.

It all starts with a truck. And it all begins today.

Welcome back, baseball.