I am pleased to report the safe return of Red from inside the borders of Yankee territory. Despite several attempts on his life and a thwarted kidnapping plot, Red is back. And man does he have stories to tell. But I’ll save those for him. Suffice to say, the Yankee threat level has been reduced to Code Yellow. Thanks Red.

For the next two days, however, Surviving Grady is all about football. The Patriots. Their third Superbowl in four years. They are, top to bottom, the ultimate franchise in all of sports. From ownership to front office, coaching to players, they exemplify professionalism, integrity and a tradition of success. And they do it without breaking the bank. Instead of acquiring high-priced, showy superstars, they focus on intelligence and work ethic. And it works.

There is no doubt this should become the blueprint for other teams. Charlie Weiss has already talked about instilling that philosophy at Notre Dame. Weiss said on paper his recruiting efforts may not impress a lot of people, but he wants players who fit his system. I look for Notre Dame to return to their former status as a football school with perennial Bowl appearances.

Tomorrow, I will break down how I see the Superbowl playing out. Not that anybody really cares what a baseball geek has to say about the big game, but screw it, I’m doing it anyway. And I will add a little twist to get the Surviving Grady faithful involved!