The 2004 season was incredible. Amazing. Historic. But be honest, if you could change a couple of things, you’d do it. I don’t mean scores or hits or errors, I’m talking about the little things about the team or a certain player that just kind of got up your ass during the year. Here are a few of mine:

Terry Francona’s obscene wad of chew. I really don’t need any more dugout shots of him with that slimy lump peeking in and out of his mouth. Not only was it gross to look at, but it also knocks a few points off his perceived IQ to see him expending so much effort trying to keep that thing in his mouth.

On a side note; why does Tito always have that huge watch on? Aren’t there clocks everywhere you look at most ballparks?

Kevin Millar doing KFC ads. Please, stop the madness. The Colonel himself might rise from the dead to put an end to these abominations.

Any Curt Schilling commercial. Enough already. The guy is great. Hall of famer. Workhorse. Bloody sock. But do we need to see him everywhere? All the time? I don’t.

Varitek batting with bases loaded. I love Tek, huge signing, great move to add the Captain honor, but the guy can’t hit with bases loaded. .232 career, .211 last year and .167 in 2003. Give me Mirabelli, .286 last year, .276 career.

Fan of the game. OK, 2 or 3 times during the year, this segment is mildly entertaining. The other 150 times, it just forces me to add names to my already lengthy “people I hate” list. Why would I care that Aunt Helen and Uncle Jeremiah returned over 200,000 cans and bottles for the nickel deposit to pay for the trip from Foxballs, Iowa to see a Sox game? Give me an old school “history of the jock” from one of Bob Montgomery’s rain out segments any day.

1918 or anything with the “C” word. That, my friends, is history.