The big news for tonight’s Hot Stove Cool Music show at the Paradise, at least in my fevered brain, is that Theo Epstein will be sitting in with the Boston band Buffalo Tom, fronted by music’s most unflappable Sox fan, Bill Janovitz.

Some news and a pic of Theo and the band can be found at Bill’s site.

The utterly adorable Kay Hanley will be there, too. I interviewed Kay a few years ago, and can say she’s one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to for approximately twenty-seven minutes. I could go on about her, but I’d get cavities.

The show itself sold out about thirteen seconds after it was announced, but I will be attending via mental telepathy [wouldn’t it be so cool if EEI or some local college station ran a simulcast?] Of course, we invite anyone who was fortunate enough to snag tix to this event to submit your review, or anything to make me feel even worse about not being there.