Dale Svuem is every bit as bad a third base coach as Red Sox Nation has portrayed him as. Another player gunned down at the plate. Instead of first and third with no outs and the chance at a big inning, the Sox ended up with a man on first and one out. The next logical question is why didn’t Mueller take second on the throw?

Pedro Martinez must remain in a Red Sox uniform after this year. Forget his extended All-Star break and his contract negotiations through the media. The guy is just plain nasty when he’s on the mound and a calming influence in the dugout the other four days.

Thanks to Red, I can never look at Dmitri Young without conjuring up images of the “bad guy” in every prison movie who approaches other inmates in the shower looking for a “date”.

Ramiro Mendoza may be the “X-factor” in this year’s play-off run. In the month of August he has pitched 9.2 innings giving up 8 hits and just 2 runs.

Johnny Damon should always play deep in center field. His ability to come in on balls is superior. When going back for balls, he has a better chance of smashing through the Green Monster than making the catch.

The Red Sox list of injured players could compete as a team against most major league clubs.

We need a healthy option at first base – Millar’s hot streak is over. He is 2 for 22 with no RBI in his last 7 games.