They are mirror images of each other. One bats from the left side of the plate, one from the right. They will beat you using intimidation or humiliation. They will beat you with the long ball or with an opposite field single. One wears number 24, one wears number 34, and make no mistake, they will beat you.

The 2004 season for Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz has been amazing. Without question they are the most feared three-four hitters in the game. They destroy pitchers’ ERA’s as well as their confidence. They do it without prejudice, rookies and future hall-of-famers alike are their victims. And they do it with a smile.

Look at the numbers they are putting up. They are frightening both in terms of their power and consistency but also in their similarity to each other. They show no signs of slowing down their campaign to make every AL pitcher their bitch. The will flip their bat away, they will stand and admire their ridiculous home runs before jogging the bases, and they will beat you.