It is well documented that we at Surviving Grady do not believe in curses. But for those of you who are believers, add this to the list. The Curse of Grady Little. And if you believe, then you must believe that the curse can be broken, right? Then here is your chance to be the curse-breaker. Did I mention that I don’t believe in curses? Anyway, here are the details;


“Sports Pulse” Viewer to Take Sledgehammer to Grady Little Bobble-Arm Doll

Live, Friday, August 27 at 10:00 PM/ET on CN8, The Comcast Network

Ed Berliner of “Sports Pulse” on CN8, The Comcast Network, will Crush the Curse of the Red Sox as a viewer joins Berliner to destroy a Grady Little bobble-arm doll live on-air, Friday, August 27 at 10:00 PM/ET. To be eligible to participate in CN8’s Crush the Curse promotion, viewers are invited to make a donation to the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation.

Entry details for the Crush the Curse promotion on CN8’s “Sports Pulse”


* One CN8 viewer will have the opportunity to end the Sox struggles by smashing the Grady Little doll live on “Sports Pulse”

* A second viewer will receive a autographed Grady Little bobble doll

* Sold-out Grady Little collector dolls were donated by the Brockton Rox

* The CN8 viewer who makes the largest donation to the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation can choose to Crush the Curse or receive the signed doll

* Entries / donations must be received by noon on Monday, August 23 to be considered

* The donations should be made out to the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation and sent to:

“Crush the Curse”

CN8, The Comcast Network

386 Washington Street

Norwell, MA 02061

Our apologies for the short notice. Donations will still be accepted after the deadline but the contributor will not be eligible to Crush the Curse.

As a side note, the bobble-arm dolls are sold out on the Brockton Rox web site and are selling for over $50 on eBay.

We don’t really believe in curses, but this can’t hurt, right?