It’s difficult to find words to appropriately capture the dismay I’m feeling as the Sox spiral toward what could become the most depressing season I’ve lived to witness. At least words that contain more than four letters. Rather than sit here and pound away at the keyboard, wondering when and if this ship will right itself, or when Nomar will be dealt for an impact player who can jumpstart this team, or when someone — anyone — will deliver a clutch hit (last night the Sox left a staggering TWENTY ONE runners on base), or when Francona will realize that — as much as I love the guy’s Moxie — the 2004 Kevin Millar is absolutely, positively useless in any situation outside of a 12-0 blowout, I decided to let the Sox speak for themselves. Here they go, courtesy of today’s Globe and Herald.

Terry Francona: “We didn’t do enough to win the game. We did some things, but we didn’t do enough.”

Johnny Damon: “We definitely don’t like the direction we’re going in.”

Keith Foulke: “We know we’re a heck of a lot better ballclub than we’re showing.”

Terry Francona: “We’ve got a tired group and some bullpen guys who are on fumes.”

David Ortiz: “The Bambino’s kicking our ass right now, but we’re going to get that ass back.”

It’s that last quote I find solace in. I don’t want to hear about how “they got us today” or “we know we’re better” or “sooner or later, this lineup’s gonna start hitting” or any other cliche. I wanna hear about getting your ass back. And I believe that “get that ass back” will become my new battle cry as the Sox barrel toward October. Let’s all get our ass back. Or is that “asses”? Whatever. Let’s just win some friggin’ games. Starting tonight.