Derek Lowe starred in today’s episode of the World Series-chasing Boston Red Sox, and what a supporting cast he had. The positives are almost too many to mention, but after the last two games, screw it, I’ll mention them all anyway.

It begins with Derek Lowe. Seven shutout innings, meaning he recorded 21 outs. Three by strikeout, one fly ball to center, and the other 17 on ground balls. And yes, the game was played in the home-run capital of baseball, Coors Field. Is it still 2002 out there?

David Ortiz, aka ‘Da Man. 3 for 4 with a double, 5 RBI (league-leading 59) and a Silver Bullet shot to deeeeep right. Clearly he was inspired by his record-tying performance in the sixth when he recorded all three put-outs unassisted at first.

Nomar and Trot combined to go 5 for 8. Trot with a double, Nomar with a triple. Welcome back to the land of good health. Johnny Damon 2 for 5 with 3 runs scored and a stolen base.

Pokey Reese. 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and a run-scored. The two-run single was the first Red Sox hit of the series with bases loaded. The Pokester is now hitting .270 with 26 RBI. That’s just Pokey being Pokey.

The bullpen – Williamson a perfect eighth, Dinardo a shaky but scoreless ninth, preserving the first shutout recorded at Coors this year.

What more is there to say? Where are the negatives? I had to dig deep to come up with any, but the fans chanting “Yankees Suck” at Coors, with the Yanks still leading the east just doesn’t cut it for me. “New York, New York” blaring over the loudspeakers at the game’s finish was bushleague at best. Stick to brewing mediocre beer, guys.

This team is my drug. The last couple of days have been like a bad trip, but today is a Rocky Mountain High. I will enjoy it thoroughly, for sometimes it only lasts twenty-four hours. If we weren’t still in the midst of interleague play, I’d say this would be the beginning of a tear, but I know better. I’ll keep an eye on the Yankees tonight, then bring on Bonds.