The Red Sox now have a problem. It will be debated fiercely in the Nation, at least for the next few days. Who is the ace of the staff? I say, who cares? For a baseball-rabid town, this is the kind of problem World Series dreams are made of. Pedro going 8 strong in a two-hit 1-0 win, followed two days later by Schilling coasting through 7 in a rout. Two games very different in score, but having in common the formula all great teams use, pitching and defense.

Tonight’s win added the potent scoring that the Sox are capable of on a regular basis, but just haven’t done consistently – yet. With the return of Nomar to the line-up, and the imminent return of Trot, this team is poised to go on a tear. Ortiz had four hits while Manny and Pokey had 3 each with a homerun. That’s no mistake, Pokey had round-tripper number three to start the scoring assault.

By the way, Happy Birthday, Pokey! Hey Theo, wouldn’t a tastefully-wrapped three-year deal with an option make a great gift?

Bring on the Dodgers tomorrow, Lowe against Perez. Another huge start for Lowe. His last outing earned him his fifth win of the year, but was very much just “OK”. Not good enough to lead us to believe his problems are in the past, not bad enough to get the lynch mob assembled. Make it happen Derek. Ground ball outs. No throwing errors. Don’t tweak out if you don’t get a close call. Make it happen.