First, Curt Schilling is the ace of the 2004 Red Sox staff. He’s the burly hurler with an attitude we’ve missed so much since Clemens was dispatched to enjoy the twilight of his career someplace else. He’s skillful, outspoken, and is the first player we’ve witnesses in quite some time who carries an intensity for the game that matches that of the fans. When he’s not mowing down opposing batters or spouting anti-Yankeeisms, dude goes online to battle those who would oppose his work ethic. That’s the sort of hardcore passion we’ve been thirsting for from our Red Sox players. Now we’ve got it. Yee-haw!

Second, Pokey Reese can run like a muthafrigger. He fought for every centimeter of that fourth inning triple, and got there in the time it would have taken Kevin Millar to drop the bat. From this point forward, all talk of missing Todd Walker in the line-up is forbidden.

Third, last night’s win was a good one, for it reminded us of the sort of offense this team can conjure. What we need now is consistency (and I mean of the winning sort, not another four game skid). Over the last couple days, it looked as if Godot would show up before a seven-game win streak. Perhaps, after last night’s win, sufficient spark has been found.

Fourth, God in heaven, please don’t let them trade away Kevin Youkilis for a rental player. He’s one of this season’s truly pleasant surprises.

Today, we get D-Lowe. Keep your Pepto handy.

Also, in non-baseball news, Verne Troyer, AKA Mini-Me in the “Austin Powers” films, has asked that his marraige to a 6’2″ blonde model be annulled, so that he can be free to chase more 6’2″ blonde models.

America, you continue to rock.