Just as Pedro and Lowe have seemed to find themselves again, at least based on their last starts, Tim Wakefield keeps falling further into the abyss, seemingly unable to avoid “the big inning.” Yesterday, the Dodgers teed off like it was the Bob Hope Celebrity Classic, leaving us all scratching our heads and wondering just when this team is gonna treat itself to an extended win streak the way it gift-wrapped Saturday afternoon’s game for our pals from L.A.

Oh, and McCarty pitched. Yep. It was that bad.

Also, just to keep the horror quotient high and ruin the rest of your weekend, today’s Globe tells us:

Schilling has undergone two MRIs, with the second showing the condition had worsened. The team will conduct a third MRI after Wednesday’s game.

“We have to see this next outing,” Morgan said. “If he requires [Marcaine], we’ll do it. But if he shows any further changes on his MRI, or if he’s requiring [Marcaine], then we need to take another course. We need to shut it down and rest it.”

Morgan estimated the rest period would last 2-4 weeks. That means Schilling, who ranks among the league leaders in ERA (3.03), wins (8), strikeouts (81), innings (92), winning percentage (.727), and fewest walks per nine innings (1.4), could be sidelined until after the All-Star break.

Happy Sunday!