Sunday night baseball. Pedro pitching another masterpiece, timely hitting and a web-gem from Pokey. What could be wrong? Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, that’s what. These guys made even a great Red Sox win painful. They are the John Maddens of baseball. Not only do they bring no insight to the game being played, but they obviously do no research to prepare for the two teams they will be watching. Then you have the inane discussion on the different ways to say “quarter past” and “quarter of”. Did you know that is the same as saying 15 minutes past and 45 minutes past the hour? Let’s not forget to mention the scintillating half-inning discussion on Nomo’s high fastball and low splitter. I swear if I was trapped in a room with those two clowns and Osama with a gun that only had one bullet, I’d have to think about who to shoot. If Miller and Morgan started talking, I’d probably turn the gun on myself.

Kevin Millar, 3.3 million dollars.

Gabe Kapler, 750,000 dollars.

Getting Trot back for Wednesday night. Priceless.

No more will I have to watch Kevin Millar flounder around in right with the skill and grace of my aunt Pat after a 12-pack of the King of Beers at her bar-league softball game. As a matter of fact, the resemblance doesn’t end with the fielding ability. They have similar facial hair, you see, it is widely rumored that aunt Pat used to be uncle Pat, but its a co-ed league so what difference?

Bring on the Rockies. Ortiz and Manny hitting at Coors, man this is going to be good.