What a friggin’ night for baseball. Randy Johnson redeems himself for what could possibly be the queerest TV spot of all time (you know, dude, that Right Guard bit where he’s throwing dodge balls at a bunch of goons) with a muthafriggin’ perfect game. The Sox didn’t do too bad, either, with Wakefield looking bloody brilliant and Bellhorn knocking a three run homer. There is NO EXCUSE for losing to the Devil Rays. I repeat, NO EXCUSE. Here is where we must feast, lads. Get yer forks.

Also, for those who swing that way, eTopps.com is offering the first Curt Schilling Red Sox card this week. Now I love eTopps, but I cannot forgive their truly dreadful 2004 card design. I mean, those “heads” at the bottom of the card? What up with that?

Finally, as of the seventh inning, the Cranks and Angels are locked in a scoreless tie out in Anaheim. I will now go to sleep, and pray that in the AM my good pals at NESN Sports Desk will be telling of a NY loss.