Poetic justice. Look it up. Bronson Arroyo lost his starting role to B.K. Kim for no reason, other than Kim is being paid starter money. Kim goes out and absolutely sucks, Arroyo comes in out of the pen and gets the win. I couldn’t have scripted it any better myself. The time is long passed to call the Kim acquisition a mistake. They have given this guy every opportunity to make a place for himself on this team, and he has failed miserably. As a closer, as a long reliever and now as a starter. The arguments that he is only 25 years old and he throws such unorthodox stuff mean nothing. The guy sucks. Unless he can play the outfield and hit, get rid of him.

Now let’s get to who really is “the man”. David Ortiz. I would sign this guy today. This guy does everything Manny does for a fraction of the cost. What are we waiting for?

On another note, the Yanks won last night on a pinch double by Tony Clark. Remember Clark’s brief stint with us a coupla years back when he couldn’t have hit a T-ball if he was swinging a zeppelin? Well, he’s hitting now. Yeah.

Also, Clemens continues to tear up the National League. He’s 6-0 and throwing like he could go another ten years. On last night’s Fox Sports New England, Dickerson and crew were throwing out the possiblity of the Rocket coming back to Boston to play one final year, as if leading the Sox to a series would be the ultimate capper on a magnificent career. Well, it would, but I can’t imagine it would happen. Still…