Johnny Damon recently made the following comments to Jeff Horrigan of the Herald;

“Our schedule has been awful and we’ve been playing really bad, so the day off is going to be huge,” Damon said.

The fatigue, he said, is obvious to everyone.

“We’re tired and when you get tired, you start making mental mistakes,” Damon said. “A few more errors come into play, your defense isn’t as sharp and you start swinging at pitches over your ear. We’re tired, but we can get through these next three days and we’ll be fine.”

Mr. Damon, you’d better come Tuesday against the lowly Devil Rays with a 5-5 effort and a few stolen bases. Then maybe we’ll buy into your theory of how tough it can be playing a kid’s game for a few hours a day and making eight million dollars doing it. OK, maybe not.