Well, the home-town team really bounced back after the 2-1 loss on Monday. Chapter 2 in the book of misery is the big-ninth-inning-rally-that-fell-just-short. All we need for the exciting climax tonight is to go into the ninth with a lead and have Foulke cough it up. The bright spot last night was the bats coming alive, at least for an inning.

OK, we’re 0-for-May and have gone through a complete rotation without a win. Is there anybody, even the most die-hard optimist, that thinks B.K. Kim is the “stopper” that will put an end to this? Not me. Not based on a 5 inning start against Tampa Bay. It seems much more likely he’ll be flipping off the Cleveland fans at some point when they are cheering for him to stay in the game. We’ll see.

Despite another pathetic start by Contreras, the Yankees pounded out 17 hits to rally back from a 7-1 deficit and win their seventh straight. Uh-oh.