In other news, a nice game last night, with Manny being Manny and Schill being Schill. Anything less than a W tonight will simply be unacceptable. In fact, I think a six or seven game win streak is just what this team needs right now. We’re getting listless with this win-two-drop-one track they seem stuck on. Is it just me or have the past week’s games just kinda melted into one another, a shapeless mass punctuated by a few nice hits here and there.

One other thing, does Tino Martinez wear mascara? Or is it just my TV? Must be my TV. Gotta step up to hi-def.

Lastly, props to my brother-in-law Tom, who braved the “death stare” to snap the above photo of Curt Schilling during spring training. Gotta show the love to the vintage Astros jersey, quite possibly the low point of baseball fashion, alongside the 1980 Pittsburgh Pirates “cakebox” hats.