If you handed someone sitting in the Fenway Monster Seats a bucket of baseballs to chuck at runners moving around the infield bases, you could conceivably sit there all day — perhaps even an entire month — before he or she even came close to plunking anyone. Yet during yesterday’s Sox-Yankees game, some dude in the Monster seats, who we must assume was pretty well lubricated, tossed a Giancarlo Stanton home run back onto the field, only to have it hit Stanton as he rounded the bases. LOOK!

Honestly, what are the chances of this happening? One in a million? One in a billion?

Anyway, reports indicate the guy was asked to leave Fenway, which is a shame. Even Stanton, as evidenced by the classy hat tap, was impressed. At the very least, I’d consider giving the guy Drew Pomernaz’s postseason roster spot.