"...and I'll kick your sister Shelley's ass, too."

Make note of tonight’s game on your calendars, folks. Because I have a feeling that it will be looked back on as “the game that changed everything.”

Every team needs that moment to gel, to become one group of dudes sharing the same pair of brass knuckles. I think between the twin powers of Mikey Lowell’s first-pitch home run in his first game back since about 1994 (or so it seemed) and the bench-clearing sparked by the Indians’ pitchers’ inability to actually land one on a Sox batter in retaliation for a couple Beckett HBPs, these guys are officially a Team. Spare parts, Gentleman Bill Hall and all.

Personally, my favorite moment of the game — right after Lowell’s standing O/home run and Beckett trying to perform some impromptu spinal surgery on Shelley Duncan — was seeing Big John Lackey inserting himself right into the mix, standing by Commander Kick Ass’ side, ready to take on all offending parties. It was worth every hit and base on balls he’s surrendered this season.

Is it the start of a turnaround? A 17-of-20 stretch? A resurgence to the top of the AL East? I sure hope so. But I’ve already gotten my money’s worth; with an entertainment value through the roof, that was my choice for this season’s game of the year. A little action, the return of Lowell, eight innings of one-run ball from Beckett, and a clean Papelbon inning to close it out.

Scenic Lowell approves: