Playing video games helps to remove boredom. It is engaging and keeps you alert just like when streaming baseball on ESPN or Sky Sports. Ever since the development of computers, there have been many game developers. One of the best games that are still enjoyed by millions of people are baseball video games.

The game has been there for a long time, with some of them being the best and others fairly average. Baseball video games allow baseball fans to feel the joy of playing the game and handle the disappointments of bad throws and losses.

Even though baseball is not played in all countries (mostly USA and Canada) video games give other people the chance to see how the game is played. It similarly builds interest in video game players, and they might start watching and placing bets. Placing bets on baseball has especially become popular on new casinos in Canada during 2021. In this article, we will discuss the best video games ever created based on Baseball and take a look at which games to play in 2021.

1. Home Run
This game was created in 1978 by the Atari designer. It was not a very convincing simulation of the actual baseball game because there were no fielders, only the pitcher. Although the home run did not include everything supposed to be there, it was still enjoyed during its time. Players also enjoyed visiting bästa casino utan svensk licens.

2. Bases Loaded Series
Bases loaded series was still another great game. It was developed and published by Jaleco entertainment. It was there around 1988 to 1994 and started on the NES before gaining the title SNES then Sega Saturn. This means that this video game spanned for three good generations system.

During the process, the quality of the game improved from the first development to the last. The battling view was changed from behind to the side, making it easier for gamers to hit.

3. Baseball Simulator Series
Baseball simulator was an enjoyable game for its time, around 1989 to 1995. Culture Brain was behind the invention and publishing of this game. The game was one of the most influential baseball video series, and it played on both the NES and SNES.

The game became enjoyable because it allowed gamers to play smoothly, and most issues associated with the game had been fixed. The graphics were great at the time but has now been improved to average. It’s still possible to play and enjoy the game at this time.

4. Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
Ken Griffey baseball video game was the first series by Nintendo. Nintendo was also behind the publishing of the game, but the game was developed by software creations. The Baseball video game had an MLB license and was allowed to use the actual statistics, rosters, names, and stadiums of the 1993 MLB season.

5. Triple Play Baseball Series
EA sports brought the game after the success of MLBPA Baseball. It was actively played around 1994-2003. Triple Play allowed gamers to play it on PS2, N64, Game Boy, PlayStation, and Xbox. Even though the game did not make a lot of sales, it did well for the EA sports and was an excellent game for PlayStation during the early 2000s

6. MVP Baseball Series
The MVP series is yet another game that EA sports developed. It was realized in 2003, and in around 2004 to 2005, EA sports added a franchise mode to the series. It upgraded the game making it outstand all the other games ever to be created. This was because actual names of baseball stars were used, and the high-tech graphics placed that made the game a success.
In 2005 the baseball video game was no longer able to use any MLB player’s names due to incensing agreements.

7. MLB The Show Series
SCEA was the developer and publisher of the baseball video game MLB series. The best thing about this game is that it had a career mode, which significantly improved baseball video games. With this mode, gamers were able to create their characters and move all the way from the minor leagues to the major ones. From there, most other video games adapted this mode, making them enjoyable.

Why Play Baseball Video Games?
As mentioned earlier, baseball video games are engaging and fun to play, especially now that video graphics and sound have improved. Besides, you can also use the gaming experience to bet at online casinos to win bonuses. All you need is to go to to find new slot sites with baseball themed games and get awarded with great offers and promotions. For 2021 we think that the best choice for baseball video game is MLB The Show Series. A really fantastic game that still have relativity good design and grahpics.