Whether it is a basketball game or an international boxing match, among other sporting events, the streaming sites mentioned below will make sure that you will be able to watch the action, even as it unfolds live. In most of these streaming services, there is no more need for you to wait for the delayed telecast.

Aside from watching sports, you can also watch television shows, movies, and even documentaries on various streaming sites. Check out the list from The Top 10 Sites for a selection of the best streaming sites to consider.

If you are looking for the latest sports news, including schedules of games, ESPN is one of the best sites to check out. Coincidentally, for those who would like to cut the cord and bid goodbye to pay TV, ESPN is one of the best sites to check out. Some of the sports that are streamed on the website include basketball, football, baseball, tennis, and golf, among others. However, it is important to note that still, the majority of the sports that can be streamed from this website will require a valid log-in as not all sports can be streamed for free.

Whether it is live or on-demand, FuboTV is one of the favorite streaming services for the lovers of sports. There are two main plans that are offered by this streaming service. For the basic plan, you have to pay $44.99. You can upgrade the plan by doubling the amount that you are paying, which will provide you with access to more sports channels. You can also pay for the cloud-based DVR, which will require an additional fee of $9.99 monthly. It is also mobile-friendly, so you can stream on the go using your smartphone.

PlayStation Vue
The beginning of PlayStation Vue is not as eventful as its most successful counterparts, but as 2019 enters, it sees a revival. It is known for its diverse local channels. More so, it has also gained a reputation for being an excellent alternative when it comes to sports streaming. You do not need to be tied to an annual contract, which is one of its biggest selling points. To add, the company also offers a free trial to have the opportunity to try out its features before you choose a plan that works best for your needs.

Sky Sports
Regardless of the sport that you are interested in, there is a channel that you will love. Some of the channels that are available include Fantasy Football, Cricket365, Golf365, and Planet Rugby, among others. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, there is a plan that provides access to all the sports channels that are available. Or, you can just pick a certain channel depending on what you love the most. You can even watch in Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos, which is sure to provide a more exciting sports streaming experience.

Hulu Live
In a list compiled by Mashable, Hulu Live has been ranked as the top choice when it comes to portability and ease of use. If you often travel or watch from your phone, this streaming service can prove to be an exceptional choice. The best thing is that aside from sports, you can also access some of the hottest television shows, such as The Handmaid’s Tale. Whether it is MLB or World Cup games, chances are, you can find them in Hulu Live. However, take note that it is not dedicated to sports, so it is quite limited compared to the other options you can find online.

CBS All Access
This may not be the best in terms of the diversity of the sporting events that you can watch, but for those who are following NCAA men’s basketball, there is no doubt that this is an impressive choice. In fact, it has the informal title as the undisputed king of college basketball. If you want to save money, you can sign up just in time for the finals. This is because the company is offering a one-week free trial. At CBS All Access, you can also watch NFL AFC. Aside from the two, however, there is not much to enjoy here.

UFC Fight Pass
For MMA fans, the UFC Fight Pass is considered as the best site for streaming the latest games. This is for all the lovers of combat sports. Some might think that the price is not worth it given the fact that it is concentrated in UFC. Truth is, it is the only site that you will need if you are an avid follower of UFC. The price can be quite steep considering the fact that it is only for one sport. However, because you will be the first to access the UFC events, as well as exclusive UFC content, the cost can be justified.

NBC Sports
A subdivision of American Broadcasting Network, this is a streaming website that will provide access to the latest sports events, including the Olympics. One of the best things about this service is the fact that it is from a trusted network, so you can be confident that it will be reliable. Whether you would like to watch a live event or a delayed telecast, NBC Sports has got you covered. It also allows you to access the latest scores and highlights from previous games. Whether it is from your computer, mobile phone, or mobile TV, there are multiple ways to access NBC Sports.

Wrap Up
If you love sports, take note of the streaming sites that have been mentioned above. Whether it is basketball, football, golf, or tennis, among others, these streaming services can provide access to live events and delayed telecasts. Some of them will even provide game highlights, making sure that you are always in the know. Whether it is a free or paid service, there are tons of options available, providing an assurance that you will not be left behind when it comes to the latest in sports!