Way back in 1977, the Mariners grabbed afro-ed hurler Tom House from the Red Sox. Since then, the two teams have been on opposite sides of some fairly impactful trades.

One of the biggest came in August 1986, when the Sox sent Rey Quinones, a bag of cash and a few minor leaguers to Seattle for Spike Owen and Dave Henderson. The move paved dividends a couple months later when Hendu launched his now-memorable homer in game five of the 1986 ALCS after hope had been officially lost, tagged and sent to the morgue.

Ten years later, Seattle got one back when we traded them Jamie Moyer for Darren Bragg. Moyer went on to prove one of baseball’s most enduring starters, still pitching last year at age 47. Bragg, meanwhile, is “a really awesome uncle” according to his many nieces and nephews.

The next year, however, arguably one of the greatest trades in Red Sox history occurred when the Red Sox somehow convinced the Mariners to take Heathcliff Slocumb off our hands in exchange for first-round draft pick Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe. Without that move… perhaps 2004 doesn’t happen. Certainly Lowe’s infamous “bite my tweeter” gesture to the Oakland bench in the 2003 ALDS doesn’t.

In 2010, Gentleman Bill Hall came to us from Seattle in exchange for Casey Kotchman. And, of course, just a few weeks back, Erik Bedard became the latest acquisition in this franchise trade history.

What does it all mean? F$%ked if I know. I was just amazed we’d done so much business with the Mariners.

Anyway, hi Seattle. I hope John Lackey kicks your ass.