This season’s Red Sox – Yankee series has been a see-saw battle of one-sided events. Eight in a row by the good guys to start the season, followed by an ugly second-half, four-game sweep by the pinstripes. This weekend’s series has been a microcosm-in-reverse of the season so far: a Friday night skewering of Red Sox pitchers followed by a Saturday explosion of offense from the Sox and an unexpected scoreless outing from Junichi Tazawa.

But, I have to give the edge this weekend to the Sox. Sure, the Yankees put up 20 on Friday, but their starter also gave up seven runs in five innings. Nothing to write home about for the Yankee fans. Tonight is the rubber match and possibly the difference between the September run of going for the division or settling for the wild card. Back 7-and-a-half with just three more head-to-head games to the Yankee juggernaut might be a tall order. But 5-and-a-half back gives us hope. Feeds our faith. And we’ve all seen what that can do.

Slap the “NY” on the cap in the picture above (and a coupla dozen pounds on CC) and it applies.

And I think we all remember how that particular game turned out…