As savvy readers of this here blog will recall, it was a dark day for me when the Mouth of Truth was dispatched by NESN last winter. If I had my way, she would’ve been as permanent a fixture in Red Sox media as our man Jerry Remy, with her own pedicure and accessory shop on Yawkey way.

That was until I “met” her replacement, former Miss California Heidi Watney.

Not that she’ll erase Tina C from my memory banks. Because that just ain’t gonna happen. But the sight of Ms. Watney trolling the Fenway green will almost certainly take the sting out of even the most horrific loss.

And she even looks fetching in a batter’s helmet, as a quick glance at the clip below, at the 1:02 mark, will reveal:

In six months, she’ll be seen flitting about town with (or, as the French say, “banging”) Jacoby Ellsbury. Trust me on this one.