Dustin goes 5-for-5! Drew gets 3 hits from the top spot! (In fact, those two accounted for all but one of the Sox’ hits.) Ortiz gets bounced! Barry gets booed! Dave Roberts gets cheered and invited back to everyone’s house! Hinske smiles like some homicidal maniac through it all!

There was a lot to be excited about during last night’s thrashing of the Giants. But the coolest thing had to be the return of Jools’ “bowling” technique, as he — yet again — rolled a fielded ground ball to first for the put-out. Is this gonna be his schtick, like Fonzie banging the jukebox? I don’t know, but man do I enjoy watching it. And as lame as videos recorded off the TV can be, I couldn’t help but post a clip of Jools’ rollarama, if for no other reason than the priceless look on Tito’s face when the camera cuts to him.

It’s Matsuzaka time at 3:55pm. Rock on.