Feels good to see that picture, doesn’t it.

Because we miss the Remy. Because we need the Remy.

Particularly now, more than ever, as we are starved to keep the embers of the 2004 season stoked just a little. bit. longer.

But NESN offers us no consolation. The occasional repeated game. Feh.

I could visit The Remy Report. And I do, faithfully, everyday. But it’s not enough.

I need live Remy. I need talkin’, jivin’ Remy. Some pictures and soundbites just won’t do. And though I salivate at the prospects of Spring Training with Remy, it’s not until March 2005.

So NESN, I implore you. Give us Winter Remy.

Is it too much to toss the guy an offseason show? Something slick, slightly campy and totally cool as only the Rem-Dawg can make it.

I’m picturing something set in a ski lodge. Like a TRL at the slopes. But the young hipsters in the background are Sox fans.

And Remy’s there, holding court. With one of those long, antiquated hand-held microphones a la Gene Rayburn on Match Game.

There’d be music, with Bronson Arroyo fronting the house band. Special guests [“Look who’s dropped in on the Dawg today, kids. It’s Sum 41. Hey fellas.”] Puppets. Educational bits on the proper way to cross the street [gotta consider those l’il Rem Dawg fans]. On occasion, Don Orsillo would show up for skits. Shirtless, or course.

And every show would have a lesson. Like how it’s okay to be different. And how we’re all just people on this big crazy world. And how driving over Jose Posada could be considered justifiable homicide.

Is it all too much to ask, NESN? Or does the world cry out for yet another Mad Fisherman show?

* * * * * * * *

In other news, the Red Sox will be auctioning off an extensive collection of 2004 ALCS and World Series memorabilia, beginning today. It’s all online, and you can check the full list of items here.

Most drool-inducing piece: A game-issued World Series base, signed by 23 Sox players. Starting at $5000. Even cooler and more affordable [at least right now] is the Red Sox locker room champagne bottle, at $150.

I’m one good bank heist away from affording some of this stuff. Who’s with me?