Scores of bleary-eyed Red Sox fans are stumbling to the coffee-maker, tired but happy. Last night (this morning?) the Red Sox took an enormous 2-0 series lead behind a near-vintage Pedro outing. The best number two starter in the game went seven strong, giving up three runs while striking out six. All aspects of his game – velocity, control, location, and of recent concern, his psyche, were all in top form.

Pedro left no doubt in his post-game comments that he was not thrilled with all of the speculation of late.

“I was the No. 1 today, and that’s all that matters,”

“I don’t care what the experts have to say, they were talking trash. Every time they give me the ball, I’m special.”

Is this what compelled him to return the Pedro of old? I tend to doubt it. Aside from being one of the most gifted pitchers in the game, Pedro has proven himself to be a shrewd negotiator and extremely intelligent player. Getting “inside his head” is impossible. Do not be surprised at what takes place if and when Pedro takes the hill in the Bronx next week. Amid the sea of “We’re your daddy” and other such t-shirts and the blaring of Time of the Season (What’s your name?, Who’s your daddy?) on the loudspeakers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a knowing grin on Pedro’s face, and total domination of the Yankee hitters.

Friday afternoon baseball at Fenway. Bronson Arroyo with a chance to clinch a spot in the ALCS.

I love it when a plan comes together…