Can you imagine a less-than-sold-out Fenway Park in September against a bitter rival? Never. That’s what they had in Oakland last night, twenty-nine thousand plus to watch Derek Lowe once again defeat their team. Maybe they were all getting make-overs in preparation for the Raiders game Sunday? Or maybe they just knew what the outcome would be with Lowe on the hill.

Lowe’s night started out a little suspect; a base hit, a walk and two hard fly-ball outs. But he settled right in after that, with some help from his defense. The Sox went on to cruise to a 7-1 win to remain two-and-a-half games behind the Yankees.

The Devil Rays played out a forfeit in an 11-2 drubbing. They were only charged with one error during the game, but after watching the highlights, they should have been charged with Assault With a Really Bad Team. One interesting play was A-Rod taking out Fordyce with a shoulder to the head trying to score. He was out, but most of the plate was showing – a good slide might have beat the tag. Is this another Kevin Brown-like incident?

Random notes:

What is that thing on Oakland’s sleeve?

Gammons predicts Grady Little will coach the Phillies next year.

If the Sox make the World Series, I hope Ellis Burks at least gets a chance to pinch hit.

Pedro tonight.