Okay, so Lilly shut us down, but good. That doesn’t keep me from believing that this team could barnstorm through September and possibly take the division. Notice that now I’m using words like “possibly.”

Just consider this: One of my co-workers recently had a dream in which Mark Bellhorn won Game 7 of the World Series with a home run, a la Carlton Fisk’s famous shot in 1975’s Game 6. Said co-worker’s track record with this sort of thing includes correctly “dreaming” my wife’s due date with our second child, and predicting a nasty dismissal for Sander, the office temp who, four days after her prediction, was caught pantsless in the copy room, covering his legs with A-1 sauce.

In other words: it’s a sure thing.

Also for your consideration: Beth from Cursed and First, the Pope of the Church of Bellhorn, once commented on this very site that of course the Sox are going to make the playoffs because, and I’m paraphrasing here, they wouldn’t waste a chance to break our hearts in October.

Finally, take it from Jesus himself:

“[Lilly] got us tonight,” Boston’s Johnny Damon said. “It was just a great outing, but nothing is going to shake this team.”

See you tonight for Wakefield vs. Batista.