Things you don’t do:

Step on Superman’s cape.

Spit into the wind.

Admit to purchasing Rod Stewart’s The Great American Songbook Volume 1 for anyone other than your dying aunt.

Put one down the middle to Ortiz when the game is on the line.

Chicago pitcher Jon Adkins found this out last night, when he served one to Big Papi in the bottom of the eighth. Ortiz let out a silent “thank you,” and then deposited said pitch over the left field fence. Keith Foulke closed it out in the ninth, and here we are: 4-2 on this important homestand.

It’s heart attack time again in Boston, because the Red Sox never make it easy. The road to the post season will be paved with scratching and clawing and early mornings checking the west coast scores. Then the playoffs begin, and the real fun starts: palpitations, tears, wringing fists, ulcer flare-ups, more than a few cuss words, broken glass, and excessive drinking. And that’s just in my house.

But I love every minute of it.

Today, Our Man Arroyo takes the hill. Here’s hoping we can get the game in.