The Red Sox won their fifth in a row yesterday, besting the White Sox 10-7 in a veritable slugfest.

It wasn’t a pretty one. Bronson Arroyo at times seemed all too willing to give Chicago the mercy screw and let ’em back in the game. But the Sox’ bats made the difference.

Manny, who has clearly switched over to an “all human flesh” diet, knocked in five runs on three hits, one a first inning, first pitch home-run (His 32nd! Huzza!). V-Tek had three hits of his own, and is now looking like the V-Tek of 2003 who spit nails, smoked his own meats, and didn’t need to wash his hands after going to the john because who the hell was gonna make him? Not you, little man, so just sit your narrow ass back down on the sofa.

The Hammer, The OC, and Johnny “best average of any lead-off hitter in baseball” Damon had a couple hits apiece as well, and suddenly this line-up is looking as potent and formidable as it was at any point last year.

Six and a half games behind the Yankees with six games against New York remaining. It’s official: my delirium ain’t going away. I want the division. And I’m thinking that we can do it.

If D-Lowe can plug in a spectacular performance tonight, then I’m grabbing my sleeping bag and getting an early spot in line for playoff tix. If they lose in particularly horrific fashion then… hey, you know the drill. Their bus ticket to Suck City* will be in hand.

*An actual place! Just 15 minutes outside of Topeka.