To us, Manny is many things. Lovable. Forgetful. Laughable at times, and I mean that in the nicest sense of the word. He is also a big time Kicker of Ass when he has a baseball bat in his hands.

But is the guy a “jerk“?

The folks at CBS Sports Online certainly think so; they named Manny to their list of the Top 50 Sports Jerks. Manny holds the number 12 spot, meaning he’s considered jerkier than 38 others on the list–including Albert “Mother of all Assholes” Belle; Scott Boras; chemistry majors Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire; and, amazingly, everyone’s favorite chick-slappin’, ear-nibblin thug, Mike Tyson.

Manny a bigger jerk than Tyson? On what f#$king planet?

Tip o’ the pin to Dan at Red Sox Monster.